Spring Break

It is the second day of spring break here at the University of Saskatchewan.  It is noticeably quieter in the Agriculture building as both students and faculty have found something else to do (or at least somewhere else to do it).

A colleague of mine said in passing last week that he did not understand why students needed a break.  I think this colleague was implying that school work isn’t backbreaking work and therefore students should be able to push through a 13 week semester.  That comment and this article from Inc. got me thinking.  Why do we only give students a couple of days off per semester?  Any why do universities dictate when it is acceptable for students to take days off?

This may be a bit tangential, but could the example of unlimited vacation days apply to a pedagogical framework of no due dates?  I’m nowhere near the professor yet to be able to pull this off, but I wonder if one day I will hand out all the assignments that I will use to assess the student’s knowledge at the beginning of the course, and their job is to hand it back to me before the end of the semester.  There certainly is something to be said for coursework management in terms of grading assignments and exams, but this article got me thinking…


Author: ericmicheels

Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan

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