Student Feedback

Like any other business, it is important for faculty to gather information from our customers to see how well we are doing. In business world, this is done through comment cards, social media, or other methods such as surveys. At the University of Saskatchewan, we have the SEEQ (Student Evaluation of Educational Quality) questionnaire. We have recently moved to an online format of evaluation, and yesterday I received an email stating that my results were in. It is always with a bit of nervousness that I open these as I want to see if my idea of how the course went matches the students’ perception.

I think the best part of the student evaluations are the comments as these are actually what the students want to say, not the answer to a question they might not care about. It is fun to get together with other teachers and discuss the comments. One of my favorites was from a grad student friend of mine who was told his shoes were too squeaky. This year, my comments were pretty positive, but there was some room for improvement in providing timely feedback and making the class a little different from another class.

As these are anonymous, I think I can post some of the better (funnier) comments. I chose not to post the comments that said I was terrible.


Student: I had a wonderful time this semester attending this class. Eric is full of humor which kept the class light and I only fell asleep during class once the entire semester! 🙂

Student: Even the 5 page essay was interesting to research and didn’t feel like a form of punishment.

Student: Previous students said this class was easy but apparently that changed… with no warning.. until the mid-term.

And finally, one that I will have to show the folks in charge of tenure and promotion…

Student: One of the best lecturers I have encountered so far. Even though he is currently an assistant professor, he deserves to be a professor. Excellent at making a boring topic more interesting.