Assorted thoughts related to #Earls

  1. If hormones = sustainability in Canada, why ok in beef but not dairy?
  2. All the folks saying they are going to boycott Earls should provide a dollar figure of how much they actually spent there in the past month/year.
  3. Listen to the head of the CCA for a well thought out industry response.
  4. Canada working on certified sustainable program — should they drop the ‘certified’ word based on ag backlash that will come from those that don’t make the grade?
  5. Out of curiosity, how many tweets were made using a BlackBerry device from the cab of a Versatile tractor?

Author: ericmicheels

Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan

4 thoughts on “Assorted thoughts related to #Earls”

  1. If Earl’s truly investigated, like they say this issue of humanely raised animals, they would have found out that this is nothing more than manipulation of the truth. Canada is already providing a safe and healthy product. This is nothing more than a marketing ploy used in the hopes that this will differentiate their product and create more sales. In addition, it is taking advantage of the misinformation that is out there regarding how animals are raised and I take great umbrage of an organization that doesn’t even consult with the Canadian Beef Industry first before taking this approach.

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