Courses Taught:

BPBE 898:  Current Issues in Agribusiness Research

This is a graduate course I taught at the University of Saskatchewan.  The course used a lecture/discussion/debate format where students were forced to analyze key foundation papers in the area of agribusiness management.

Course Syllabus

AGRC 113.01: Bioresource Issues and Institutions

This course is an undergraduate course taken by a majority of students in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources. I see this course as a bridge between introductory economic concepts covered in ECON 111 and the introductory agricultural economics course in our department.  The course focuses on applications of key concepts and also utilizes guest lectures from scholars and practitioners.

Course Syllabus

Case Studies:

A Guatemalan Soycow Cooperative: Is the Whole Greater than the Sum of its Parts?

The introduction of soycow systems into the developing world is not a new strategy in the fight against malnutrition. Soycows have been placed in diverse locations including VietNam, India, South Africa, Honduras, and Guatemala. The success of these projects is not guaranteed, and often the soycows are not used after the initial supply of soybeans is exhausted. One of the main issues impeding long-term success of the soycow projects is that recipients may possess technical knowledge enabling them to operate the soycow, but generally lack the intangible, human resources that could provide the requisite marketing know-how needed for these projects
to survive long-term. This case was developed to foster case-based teaching methods for course instruction while providing a unique context for the examination of managerial decision making.

You can find the case study here. Teaching notes are available upon request.


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